Coaching & Consulting

All training plans are fully customized, simple, no BS and hands on, based on the athletes needs, goals, ability level, lifestyle, etc. No one size fits all around here. Also a resources for all your training and sport science questions.

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Camps & events

Training camps and various workshops & events are held on a regular basis throughout the year in Victoria, BC, other areas of Canada and the USA

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Bike Fitting

Cycling is a repetitive sport. The smallest amount of mal-alignment, anatomical or equipment related, can lead to impaired performance and/or pain. Get faster & prevent injuries with a proper bike fit

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Group Training

Weekly training sessions for swimming, cycling and running in Victoria, BC. Come join our team!

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Sports Nutrition

It is common knowledge that nutrition is an important aspect of training and racing, but how can you benefit from working with a sports nutritionist?

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Fall Performance Packages


In my previous post, I believe I’ve established the fact that in mind, September is the end of one year [...]

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2013 Season summary


Its almost September! I have a love-hate relationship with this time of the year. I hate that summer is coming [...]

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